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"There are many good contractors but we found a great one in Brian! He is Responsive,
Competitive, Clean, and offers Quality Service... Thanks Brian."

James Mathieu

"What fantastic service, I was ecstatic about the results. I will definitely be using Brian again."

Hi Brian,

I want to thank you first of all for all the time you took to explain everything and all the ideas you had.  You really seemed to know your business and I appreciate that as well as your energy and honesty.  Everything you said made perfect sense and I felt like you were really working with me.  I appreciate the combination of expertise and personality you offer.  Your attention to detail as shown in the complete list of things we talked about that you included in your email makes me feel good from the start.

I also want to thank you for being willing to work with me on the price, I am sure you could get more for this type of work.  I think the price you suggested is more than fair based on the time and quality of work I am sure you will be putting into this.  That being said I would love to have you help redo my condo.  This process has all been rather difficult so it is nice to feel I have a piece of it about to be under control. 

I know you are busy the next two weeks with other projects and understand you won't be able to get to the condo until the beginning of October.  I will work with your schedule during the next two weeks in finding a time to go pick up the supplies and would be happy to pay you a fair price for your time.  I will also do my part to make sure I get the condo cleaned out and get as much prepped for you as I can.  I will go today and open a Home Depot and Lowes line of credit and will also start looking at vanity's etc.  I will work as hard as I can on my end to make it easier for you.  Hope you have a great day today and find some relaxation time amidst all the work. 

 p.s.  The guitar is yours....just take good care of it  :-)

Brian Fago